Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Somethings gotta give..........

In case you've wondered I haven't died, nor retired. I simply took some time off from posting anything personal on my blog. To say that this past school year was a challenge is an understatement. To put it bluntly it f-ing sucked. It's been a year of challenges and lesson learned. And I'm sorry to say that my whole aspect toward the teaching profession has become tainted. I no longer trust any of my fellow colleges in this dog eat dog profession, where no one is willing to help or even be civil to each other because they are all conspiring to make themselves look better than their fellow co-workers. 

I made some real hard decisions this year, which I will share with you in another post, let's just say change is gonna come............and I'm hoping it will save my love for teaching because something has got to give.


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