Friday, April 24, 2009

No good title... expect it sucks to be me

Yesterday I went to lay my phone on the island in my kitchen and unfortunately missed the mark and it fell on the floor. Not a big deal except it landed face down which of course caused it to practically implode as it sent the back cover flying off, and simultaneously causing the battery to dislodge.

So I pick up the phone, shove the battery back into it, and go to retrieve the back cover. Only problem is it's no where to be found. I mean there really wasn't that many places for it to go, where could it possibly be hiding? I checked under the pantry door and refrigerator thinking maybe it slid under there, no luck. I even opened all the drawers with in a 5 foot radius thinking maybe it got flung into there, Nope. Searched the entire floor under the table, around all the cabinet floor
boards still no luck.

Look I am no physics major but there is only so far that thing could have projectiled and landed.. so where the fuck is it people???????????????

So now if my phone wasn't totally jacked up as it with all the keys on the pad cracked or completely gouged, now I really look like a complete ghetto bitch with a phone that has scotch tape all over it in an attempt to keep the battery in place! Damn I'm a complete loser. Sucks to be me.

Holy Fuck some shithead just pulled the damn fire alarm outside my classroom, scared the living shit out of me! And don't give me crap about blogging on the job it's my planning time at least I am doing something productive!


  1. Now when someone accuses you of screening their calls its just "Oh so sorry. My battery keeps falling out, see?"

  2. Yes I will have to remember that LOL