Friday, April 10, 2009

You want me to do what?

I was listening to the radio yesterday and once again I’m reminded how my Alma Mater Eastern Michigan is slowly becoming a jacked up example of a model University.

It seems my esteemed Alma Mater recently dismissed a student from a counseling program for her refusal to affirm a client’s homosexual behavior prior to a counseling session. She was then told the only way she could stay in the program was to go through a “remediation” process to change her beliefs as they relate to counseling homosexual relationships. Tit for Tat she refuses and they hold her degree as hostage. Long story short she’s suing the University.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch ...I’m indifferent to homosexuality, who am I to judge…..what someone does in their own personal life is their own biz. Furthermore before you make assumptions and think she’s just some Jesus freak or something, there’s no mention in the article about this being the prompting for the refusal to cooperate on the student’s part. Yes the organization that has offered to help her are from the religious right…but that’s just good organizing on their part. Seriously why wouldn’t they jump all over this… it’s manna from heaven in helping promote their cause.

But whether or not her beliefs are based on religious influences doesn’t matter, and if you can’t see that then you are totally missing the point here. The act of believing that homosexual behavior is something that must be affirmed is not a stipulation for her degree requirement or for her to obtain licensing from the State.

I really don’t think that anyone’s opinion about the issue of homosexuality is even relevant in this situation, because I think it goes deeper than just that.
EMU is basically still imposing the same practices that drove me to personally drop out my Master’s Program half way through. They are essentially trying to indoctrinate students to their form of political correctness. I left because I felt that the University was becoming radical in trying to impose their own social morals on me without consideration for my constitutional rights of liberty and free speech.

Why does the constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness only apply to some and not everyone….Why is it that some Liberals think they are the only ones that can play the constitution card…

So does the University really have a non discrimination policy? Obviously not because anybody can see she was clearly discriminated for her personal choice and refusal to remediate her thinking to align with the supposedly politically correct policy of the University. Ok rant done what do you think?


  1. Your beloved University has just invited a lawsuit that it can't win. It won't get any sympathy from the general public, nor should it.
    If your first guess was: Sexual Harassment you would be correct. Even the lofty (yet conservative) U.S. Supremes, would nod their collective heads in disgust.

  2. And should do so, I agree It is no longer my beloved University , it's why I left, complete bullshit going on there and I wanted no part of it....just sorry that all these young kids starting there aren't even mature enough to know what they are getting into UGH

  3. It is completely out of order, irrelevant to the academic achievement or freedom of thought.
    What next? Witch hunt all over again?

  4. I agree Libertine, I don't think freedom of thought is any longer enouraged there. They just want to hear their own rhetoric spewed back at them