Saturday, August 27, 2011

What this really means

Ok, so I was in Walmart the other day….yeah I know that’s where I made my first mistake..but anyway, I am strolling through the intimates department and that’s where I found what well, I don’t even know, cant even describe it…there are no words for this….well actually it speaks volumes really………..

And this is what it says……….

Hi, Mom, you know, I'm 13 years old now and I've decided that selling my pussy is the direction I'm leaning to take with my life since you obviously don't want me to be happy because you refuse to buy me a cell phone. Like, whatever! With the help of messages like this courtesy of America’s favorite retailer, I know the important things in life, like, cool clothes and cash, cash, cash. And, in the end, I gotta work the snatch to get it. Oh and there are some really cool clear stripper shoes in the shoe department too, I mean everyone is wearing them Mom.

Seriously what has raising a teenager girl come to when parent’s goals are to keep their daughters off the poles? I feel sorry for you Doug, be strong man, and keep the guns loaded!

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  1. Society today basically tells teenage girls that it's okay to be whores and that if you open your legs and have a baby at 16, we'll just give you a show on MTV. Oh and I've got plenty of guns, however I think training my daughter to become a lesbian will be much easier.