Monday, November 28, 2011

So What's in it for Me?

I got a message from Tony at Broowaha inviting me to write for his site. So I was thinking is this just a form invite that he sends to everyone that joins the site or an actual invitiation because he knows when I actually put forth an effort I can write some decent stuff.

So I messaged him, "Do you invite everyone that joins your site to write for you?"  His response, "I just had a thousand people join the site in the last week, you are the only one I invited to write." Well at face value that seems damn complementary, but that's assuming it's true.

For some reason I'm stalling on this grand invitation, maybe I'm just afraid to commit, maybe it's the platform, the publicness of it. Maybe, just maybe... I'm just wondering what's in it for me......


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