Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fair Play? I think NOT

How is a runner on second base who steals the catcher’s signs any different from the team employee who is located in a booth in the center field score board using a pair of binoculars or a telescope to steal the catcher’s signs like the 51’ New York Giants did. There is no difference. They are achieving the same objective, cheating to gain an advantage, just using different means to achieve their goal.
There is nothing in baseball’s rulebook prohibiting stealing signs, but it’s cheating all the same in my book.

MLB can’t have its cake and eat it too. All general managers and managers have been restricted from using electronic equipment during the game for the purpose of stealing signs in an attempt to give their team an advantage. So why does baseball allow stealing of signs that don’t involve technology? It’s still stealing signs and it’s still cheating none the fucking less.

So I guess it’s just another example of MLB turning a blind eye to yet another issue. You can’t have it both ways MLB either you allow stealing signs as an ‘honorable’ part of the game or you don’t. I guess I am just naive to think that the best team wins on their talent alone. Fuck it, I’m taking matters in my own hands and sending Bud “douchebag” Selig a memo myself then I might just hire someone to shove it up his ass!

Anyway, watch my boys get ripped off by those cheating bastards in Minnesota.


  1. you see that?! holy cow.

    go tigers

  2. aww did the tigers lose to the twins lol

  3. Yes those cheating bastards stole my Boys glory! lol, no they lost it all on their own. Good to see your comment. :)