Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My New Theme Song

SO glad tomorrow is the last school day before Easter Break, I need it  and so do my students. It's been a stressful month, budget cuts, rumors flying everywhere, and then this morning it was pink slip day. No they don't actually give you a pink piece of paper, instead they just walk in your room and say sorry but you won't be back next year.

There is nothing worse than wondering whether your services are wanted the next year. And although I am very thankful I am not on the lay off list it doesn't do my heart any good knowing that others are losing their jobs, it's a mixture of relief on my part along with genuine sadness and guilt for the one's that aren't so lucky. Overall it was just a shitty day all around. Oh and my new theme song........I will survive


  1. Yea that really blows. I was watching the news the other night about all the layoffs in Detroit. Is there anyone in that city who cares and is trying to fix all the shit that's going on?

  2. No one cares about the ghetto, seriously O'bama ignores us