Monday, March 1, 2010

Weird experiences Part 1

Ok so I thought I'd share some weird things that have happened to me in the past. We've all experiened something in our lives that well we just can't explain. You know an incident that no matter how many times you think about it you can't come up with an reasonable explaination for. Well I've had a few such experiences and thought I'd share them one at a time in a few posts.

Incident number one happened when I was 18. I was spending the night over at an Aunt's house and was fast asleep when I woke up with this incredible pain in my right side, right in the area of my ribs. When I say incredible pain I mean the worst pain I'd have ever been in and since. The pain was so intense I couldn't even get out of the bed and every breath I took it just got worse.

So here I am paralysed in pain, not able to scream out for help just laying there thinking I'm dying, I am seriously dying. I don't know for certain how long this pain went on but it seemed like it lasted for hours. Then the unexplained happened. I started to have an out of body experience, yeah it sounds crazy but they say people in severe pain often have such experiences. Thats right I completely felt as though I was floating out of my body. The weird thing is that I was aware I was still in pain but it was like I was removed from the pain. Ok I know it's weird and it's hard to explain, but what I do know, is that as much as I'd like to convince myself I dreampt the whole episode, I know I experienced it. I've never experienced anything like it again and hope I never do.

Ok so anybody got a similar experience to share????????????


  1. I have heard stories about people in surgery who actually remember the surgery in the 3rd person. I have a couple of memories as a child that are like this, but as far as an OBE, I'm sure it would be an absolutely amazing thing to have happen, granted it would be without the pain...BTW, What came of the severe pain?

    ...And Another Thing!!!

  2. I had something similar happen when I was about 20. Although I think the large dose of extacy had something to do with it. Ahh the fun I had in college.

  3. lol doug but I was completely sober!!! wish I could have blamed some drug on it lol

  4. @ Michael, no I never figured out what the pain was from, didn't even go to the doctor's , I know I was an idoit what can I say I was just a kid still