Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks for Ruining it for me

I was on my way to work yesterday morning and I usually listen to the news or sports talk radio but I was really in the mood for some music so I plugged in my ipod and clicked Artists and 3 Door Down, start jamming to the song Train, good jam to wake up to.

But then the next song that came on was "Let me be myself" and I couldn't even get past the first verse without thinking about those stupid Geico cavemen commericials, they've fucking ruined the damn song for me forever...Damn Cavemen......and damn you 3 Doors Down for allowing that song to be used in such an annoying commericial to be associated with your music............ugh....

So my question today is........... what commercial has a song ruined for you lately?


  1. F-R-E-E that spells free, credit report dot com baby. I know it's not a commercial that ruined one of my songs but I think that fucking tune will be stuck in my head until I die so I HATE that commercial.

  2. I wish I had stumbled upon your blog a long time ago before you/some bot started writing about hotels and trophy engraving. It makes a newcomer, like me, tick off the WTF box. However, I understand it's all for the $$$.