Friday, June 4, 2010

And your Logic is based on what?

So I just logged in over at Blog Catalog and started reading a discussion, of course being the person I am I added my two cents only to get into a rather mind boggling exchange of views. Basically the whole thing came down to me disagreeing that people who are pedophiles shouldn't be persecuted by society. WTF

Honestly how can anyone in their right mind think that any adult who fantasies about having sex with a child is just entertaining a harmless fetish. Are you fucking kidding me! Seriously that is completely whacked thinking about as whacked as the pedophile rationalization that there is no harm in just thinking such thoughts.....well if it's such an OK thing, why don't I see any "I'm a pedophile and proud of it" bumper stickers?? Huh?

I can't tell you how much this thread made me rage!!!!!!!!!!  And to top it all off the commenter had the fucking balls to say the everyone  was all hung up on the safety of children, that pedofiles don't all act out on their thoughts.....ummm that may be true but it's not completely true otherwise there wouldn't be a multi billion dollar child pornography business....... But that doesn't hurt children RIGHT???? Fuck some people are so disturbingly stupid  in their thinking!  For the love of God where is a labotamist when you need one?


  1. That's one of the reasons I stay away from BC, because of all the dip shits on there. And for anyone to think that even the thought of having sex with a child is okay is more than likely a pedophile themselves. Whoever that person is I'm willing to bet he's a Catholic priest.

  2. I saw that discussion. I played the role of "spectator" on that one because things were getting heated up. Wasn't there a guy in California who made some controversy a few years back for creating a blog demanding pedophile rights???