Thursday, June 3, 2010

You've gotta be kidding me!

So my boy Armando got ROBBED last night of a perfect game, yeah completely sucked for him. I'm sure you've seen the call heard round the world as clips of it have even made The View, which in my opinion is a complete waste of television programing but hell what do I know anyway.

So yeah Jim Joyce a veteran ump and one that is held in high regard among the league blew it Royally. But I gotta give him some credit, after reviewing the play he manned up and admitted his stink ass call and promptly went over to the tiger dugout and apologized to Galarraga for robbing him of his place in the history books of baseball.

But what was even more impressive was the way Galarraga handled the situation, with utter sportsmanship, a simple smile and got back up on the mound and pitched to the next batter. With a heavy heart I am sure, but you'd never have known it.  That my friends is integrity, and humbleness, something I think most players lost when they signed their first contract.  I guess the sweetest thing about this whole situation is that just a month ago Galarraga was sent down to the Triple A team, for two reasons, one he needed to get his head together and work on his mechanics, and two, the team believed in him  enough to give him  another shot. Not exactly someone you'd expect to be a Perfect Game Candidate. But that's the beauty of the game, the underdog always has a shot to shine.

Oh and don't feel too bad for Armando...............the Tiger appreciated his effort enough to give him this as a consolation price

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  1. That umpire is the most hated guy in MLB. I hate him and I don't even like baseball!