Wednesday, June 23, 2010

People Who Need To Just Go The Fuck Away...Part 1

So this is  new series I am starting, people who I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing about....
First victim...........Lady" I fucking hate you" GaGa. Main reason for her being on my hit list, other than being a fucking nut job and circus side show....she's fucking with one thing I love.......... baseball.

Who the hell does she think she is sitting behind homeplate and acting like a complete douchebag, and what the hell woman put some fucking clothes on when you are in damn public, it's a baseball game with little kids in attendance for god's sake! I don't blame Jerry Seinfeld for being pissed off they escorted her to "his" skybox because she was basically booed out of her seat. As much as I hate New York baseball fans, I gotta say you got this one right guys.


  1. I second that! Hate that bitch!!!

  2. I'm less than impressed with her, too.

    I've never heard her sing, is it as frightening as her looks?