Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm always a day late................

I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short sometimes, you all know my obsession with LOST, I always seem to get hooked on a show that's been around forever and I get in on the tail end of it. LOST is just one example, recently I've gotten hooked on The George Lopez Show, damn that show is funny, not sure why I never watched it before.

Another show I never realized how funny it was is Family Guy, I freaking laugh through the whole damn show, How did I miss that boat???

So my question today is...........what show have you discovered late in the game that you are completely addicted to???????????


  1. Facebook, just joined a little over a month ago. I actually was against it, but now can't seem to stay off of it.

  2. I loved lost, it was such a great show with a really nice ending (although I've read a lot of people didn't like the ending), wont ruin it just in case you or someone else hasn't seen it yet. Love George Lopez Show to, friggin hilarious. Could never get in to family guy maybe now that it's passed it's first season I might enjoy it. I'm like you, always like a show better when it's either over or coming to an end soon.

    I have been watching "Persons Unknown" on NBC, it's a show that's only on for the summer about 7 people trapped in an abandoned town with no way out and no idea why they're there.. pretty cool, should look into it. It's only on episode 4 I believe, and has only 13 episodes total.