Monday, February 28, 2011

And You say I'm Weird!

Every once in awhile I'll look at my stat counter to see what key words people use when they find my blog. Obviously the majority of the hits include the a form of "Short Bus" or "Short Bus Jokes". But sometimes I wonder how some of these keywords point people to my blog....especially searches for Penis shower cakes, really what the hell is a penis shower cake? Is it cake you eat in a shower or is it cake for a bachelorette party? And what about this one "stinky coke whore"....I seriously don't ever remember making any such reference in the past...wait maybe someone called me a stinky coke whore and linked to my blog? Oh well thanks for the backlink bitches. But the one that I really can't figure out is "irish nipples"....Comeon who seaches for irish nipples? Evidently someone in Missouri has a weird fetish!