Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well Fuck a Duck,,,,

As my therapist says….. I think I am amusing and am under the illusion that anyone might be slightly entertained by what I have to say….thank you for enabling my delusions and read on……

Sound familiar? Yeah cuz it's my fucking "about me" quote that some paralegal biatch is using on her blog. Seriously the ABOUT ME is supposed to be about You not about ME! Ok I gotta admit that her line (read below) about getting getting spam that will make  her sweedish boyfriend's cock bigger is kinda funny, but what the fuck get your own damn lines bitch. Do you hear me stomping my feet right now? 

I got a better idea..........spam her fucking inbox about how completely unoriginal her lame ass is PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and I love her last line. .......And ,yes, you are right.  I am indeed the most interesting person you have never met!  Apparently NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAIL!

The rest of her bullshit About Me description Fail
I blog to get more narcissism in my diet. Apparently, it’s something my body can’t get enough of. Like Cheetos. Or Riboflavin.
You can contact me at – All spam is accepted, especially if you want to make my handsome Swedish boyfriend’s penis bigger, or if I give you my life savings, you will give me the millions promised in your unsolicited mail.  Failing that, drop me an email saying hello and mention how completely awesome I am.
And ,yes, you are right.  I am indeed the most interesting person you have never met!


  1. Yep I got it and read it, understand what happened and it's all good , but as far as taking the post down I don't believe in doing that...just how's I roll...relax I am sure My readers won't actually spam you with too much hate mail , seriously they are cool

  2. No- I never asked you to take your post down. I just asked about
    Keeping the emails between us private.
    No- I want the post to stay up so anytime HSB
    Throws something in my face, I can always smile
    Sweetly at him and then pull up this post
    It will let me win arguments for the next five years

  3. girlfrienddddddddddddd lol too funny

  4. Aww Man, I was so about to rant and spam on her ass. Now I am confused and disappointed.

    Anyway, I am not following! Hope you'll follow back!

  5. lol Toar Welcome to the madness