Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversation Fail Part duex

Ok so like I said before there is a ton of stuff that has been said in my class and everyday I think nothing can top this, but it always does.  So I was talking to my biology students about how manufactures use hormones to spur growth in livestock like chicken and cows and such. Of course I had to show some somewhat distrubing video of baby chicks being injected with growth hormones. What's a biology class with out some visual aides!

So after the discussion I asked if there were any further questions....that's when one of my brillant students stated ....."Is that why I get horney when  I eat chicken nuggets"?  Insert my eyes rolling into the back of my head while responding........."not those kind of hormones Einstein".......I digress


  1. wow! awesome post! thanks for sharing..

  2. That's fuckin hilarious! Probably cause I would have said something smart assy like that when I was in HS.

  3. Doug....that does not suprise me !!!!