Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Man that is just Nasty

I thought skunks hibernated in the winter.....I mean when's the last time you opened your patio door in the dead of winter and sniffed that rectched smell? Honestly I've never had that happen till tonight....well let me back up I didn't actually smell the skunk till about 30 seconds after I opened the door and the dog took off after the skunk. Needless to say she startled that little Pepe La Pue and it sprayed.....thank god it wasn't a direct hit cuz I am in no mood to drag my ass to Walmart at midnight to buy 5 gallons of tomato juice to soak my dog in.

1 comment:

  1. I live on a street with an entire herd of skunks. I even named one of my blogs "Skunk Street Pub" in honor of the smell I drive home through every night after work.

    And wasn't that tomato juice bath thingy an episode of the Partridge Family? I don't think it worked for them either.

    Now about that entry in the Urban Dictionary...