Friday, October 29, 2010

I have just one question

Ok so I have lots of questions about the stupid shit that happens in my life, but today I just have one for you. Why the hell do dogs eat cat shit. I mean what could possibly be so appetizing about another animal's shit. The entire thought of it is completely disgusting. And it's not like my dog is the only retard that does it, I've had plenty of other people tell me their stupid ass dogs do it too.

What I find interesting about this whole cat shit eating compulsion my dog has, is that I really think she knows on some level that the habit is disgusting, that's why she waits till I am out of the room to sneak down into the basement for her turd fix. I swear that damn dog is addicted to eating those crispy on the outside yet tender in the middle logs. It's like her freaking crack or something........anybody know of a good rehab program to reform this turd muncher?


  1. Shoot the cat.


    Well, that was my two cents. I never heard of such a thing, though our dog ate a mouse once.

    Maybe there is a connection...LOL



  2. Dogs are flippen doosh-bags...

    they eat cat shit and their own shit, they also sniff everyone's butts!!!!

    and they slobber everywhere. I'll stick to cats

  3. We've had this problem for MANY years! It's gross!

  4. My dog eats her own shit but only if its warm. Vomit.

  5. My friend put the nose of her dog in the shit the dog was eating and gave him a good beating. although it's maybe not the nicest way to deal with your puppy in the end it worked and the dog would not eat shit again.
    as for my dog it eats grass and then it pukes T.T