Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That was Awkward, now quit doing that

So you all know that I teach Special Education, and this year I am blessed to have my students for a full 5 hours a day, non stop, the same kids, hour after hour…..ok you get my point here right, just saying it can get a bit tedious dealing with the same pool of individuals and the drama that accompanies it you know?

So needless to say my kids have quite a few social issues, in essence they are socially retarded in a lot of ways, and well tend to be the butt of ridicule and jokes. So me being the bright spot in their self esteem challenged day am always looking for ways to boost their fragile egos. And what better way to do that than to laugh at others who are even more socially inept than they are? Thanks to youtube there is always an endless supply of social tards to choose from……case in point, socially awkward from the beginning to end


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  2. I don't know how the hell you deal with kids like that all day. I guess someone has got to do it eh?

  3. hey wlagoday I'm a chick dam it lol
    @ doug, the secret is Vodka, lot o' Vodka lol