Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why do I subject myself to such things?

I admit it, I love haunted houses. I know in my mind that shit is all theatrics and all but damn I have to say they are awesome. So last weekend I decided to go through the Barn of Blood. Yeah corny name but what the hell it was only five bucks.

So I'm standing outside waiting to pay someone to scare the shit out of me when they go though the legal stuff, no cell phones, enter at your own risk, don't touch the actors, note to self they are actors, ok blah blah blah.
So as you go through these things you kinda get a feeling when something is gonna happen, and you brace yourself for it, but damn as I rounded this one corner I didn't expect this blood sucking zombie vampire to jump up at me from the floor. Son of a bitch he scared the shit out of me and damn if I didn't haul off and deck the dude. Not only did I hit him, but then I profusely apologized for hitting him. How screwed up is it that I am telling someone who I am paying to scare me that I'm sorry I decked them while they were wheeling a chainsaw in my face. I know completely whacked thinking.....only in America I tell ya, only in America...Sweet Jesus I love this country!


  1. Soooooo..... Did he get pissed and kick you out?

  2. LOL No I think he realized that he really scared the shit out of me and it was just a natural reaction, It was fun though