Friday, October 1, 2010

Why is it....................

Why is it that when I have to take a day off and call a sub, my student's feel the need to behave like a teacher's worst nightmare? Seriously it's like they go crazy when I'm not there. I've had subs leave in the middle of the day, openly break down and cry and have to "take a break from the madness" and flat out refuse to ever sub for me again. Now it's not like I don't have class management skills, I do. I run a tight ship, and there are boundaries, and for the most part the students acknowledge it and respect it. But damn every time I am out for a day it's like the bat shit crazy comes out in them............and I spend the whole next day undoing and dealing with all the chaois that occured the day before.

Oh and the one thing I always hear from the kids the next don't ever get that sub again she was such a bitch! Yeah well maybe if you wankers had shut you frigging trap for one second and followed the classroom rules like you  are expected to she might have been less "bitchy".  Sometime I wonder if my subs drink themselves into a drunken stupor after subbing for me? What can I say, you gotta be "special" to handle the short bus. 

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  1. Put me in for a day next time you're out. Bet that shit won't happen!