Friday, December 25, 2009

I don't remember it being this exhausting

So I recently spent some time with a one year old and unfortunately the house we were at wasn't exactly baby proofed. After I found him in the bathroom emptying out the contents under the know all those fun things to play with like toilet bowl cleaner, windex, and oh every baby's favorite spray air freshner...and this was all before I caught him playing in the toilet ...the water was clean but still uck.

So instead of just letting the little tyke aimlessly wander around the house hand picking out all the toxic waste that seems so appealing I started closing some door and using the containment method. You know keep thim in one room and watch em like a hawk. Of course that only works for so long . So Needless to say the house needs baby proofing so time to look into some quality baby proofing products like child safety locks and baby gates.  Especially for that damn toilet!  .

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