Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sometimes I wish I were Deaf

My internet connection took a dumper at the house, so I'm sitting here at Panara Bread getting some work done. Which is all fine except that this coffee I am downing is making me hotter than hell! Anyway, getting to my point.

I'm not real fond of working on my computer in public, it's not that I really worry about invasion of privacy or anything, because the people around me seem to be oblivious to the fact I am sitting with in 5 feet of them. Here in lies my issue. I typically can't stand to listen to other people's conversations in public. Yeah I know what you are thinking mind your own business and you won't have to worry about it. Honestly it's not that simple, I simply can't turn off my hearing. Wish I could but I can't.

Out of all the conversations that I overhear, the most painful are the ones where pickup artists are smooshing some chick they don't know at the table next to me. Honestly I'd rather be sitting in the dentist chair than to listen to their lame attempts. 

Seriously these men need to take some lessons on how to flirt and developing pick up lines because I can see the look of awkwardness and practically hear them subconsciously screaming "get away from me Freak" in their head as they attempt to non verbally give these guys the brush off.

Yeah and you just thought I was mindlessly tapping away at my computer all this time.......when in reality you became blog fodder and didn't even know it.


  1. Hey at least you got something to blog about right? Oh and by the way Kat was your father an astronaut? Because it looks like he took the stars from the skies and put them in your eyes! (My buddy actually used to try that one all the time. Needless to say he's still single! lol)

  2. Pickup lines dont work, there's one rule to follow if you really want to use a pick up line. Either go for completely ridiculous so the girl knows its a joke or just dont use one. Thats it. I dont use pick up lines, just my charming personality, ;-)

    buzz buzz

  3. he's alive ! hey was just reading your placebo effect the other day, how you doing fly

  4. @ Doug, what with that line he should have been snapped up long ago lol