Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a Humane Society Reject

So I’ve tried to adopt a pet from the Humane Society for the past year, and honestly It was the worst experience I’ve had while trying to do something right in a long time. My local shelter is completely arrogant when it comes to allowing people to adopt a pet…First there is the application process…which includes a zillion questions about what you’d do in certain situations with the dog, do you have a fence, if you do believe that we will check it out. When can we schedule you for a home visit? If we find things in your home that are not dog friendly are you willing to dog proof your property? You will be required to provide your pets vet name and the names of all the vets any of your former pets may have had….we will check these out……….needless to say I didn’t make the cut. Why I didn’t know.

Seriously after the criminal interrogation it just left a bitter taste in my mouth. I think that particular office had lost site of the big picture, and were more concerned with arrogance than protection. Otherwise they would admit to the fact that they had dogs that had been there for up to 3 years. And I am convinced it wasn’t because they couldn’t find a home for them but rather they chose to be too picky. They also wouldn’t ship all the dogs they couldn’t take in to animal control where they are given 30 days to be adopted or they are put down….

Anyway as irritated as I was with them I moved on and actually found a dog at Animal Control to adopt. They actually were grateful for me wanting to adopt the dog and were helpful in getting the dog spayed, licensed and shots up to date. And in an ironic turn of events the Humane Society called me, well the new director called me I should say. She wanted to know why I didn’t adopt a pet….seems my application along with dozen upon dozens of others had been simply stuck in a pile and not touched since they were filled out.

Yep all those people turned away, all those animals that could have been rescued either put down or still at the shelter. How Humane is that?  It did make me feel better to know things were going to change there, and it was going to be run the way it should have been all along. But it’s all good, I found a dog I love and well it’s all worked out in the end for the good. Hopefully your local shelter isn’t run over with arrogance.


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