Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daily Peeve

I’ve got this pet peeve lately, and every time I pull up my mailbox it just grinds my ass even more. Last summer some idiot in their infinite wisdom decided to run down the mailboxes of myself and my neighbors along with leaving some nasty tread marks tearing up the grass the length of my lot.
This person seriously mowed those mailboxes to the ground then simply drove off. So here I am left with two of my neighbors mail boxes scattered across my lawn which of course I had to pick up and deliver to them. The one neighbor wasn’t a big deal just simply dropped it off with a note explaining what happened. The other neighbor wasn’t quite as easy. I knock on the door and “grandma” answers, and it’s not until after I’ve gone into this lengthy explanation of what happened do I realize the woman doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. She starts rambling on and on in Arabic then summons the “boy” to come talk to me to translate. UGH!

If that wasn’t bad enough then I had to address the whole –I ain’t got a mailbox issue.
So I go on line do some research for an indestructible mail box and take the time to get the thing properly installed and operational.

So back to my pet peeve….my neighbors….well they didn’t take as much time and well it shows. Every day when I get home their mailbox is hanging wide open, and is slanting precariously down toward the ground… much that I can’t pull up to my box without hitting the door of theirs which in some cases causes their mail to fall out of the box onto the ground.

I know what you’re thinking just get out of your car and walk to the box. Problem is it still happens after I close my box, because theirs leans on mine for support, so I just end up picking up their mail anyways or closing their box and holding it shut to get mine out. I don’t know about you, but going to the mailbox shouldn’t be such an ordeal. Ok done with my petty complaints. Oh and my new mailbox will leave more than a dent in the next guys car. Muahh Muahhhhhhhh


  1. Okay so now I am curious, what does your new mailbox look like and how is it indestructible?

  2. Yea no good ever came from mailboxes. My mother has a frog problem and the last time she went to open her mailbox a frog jumped out of it at her so now she opens the mailbox from feet away at precariously slow speeds. I'm sure if you asked her, she'd prefer that somebody drive over her mailbox as opposed to facing a frog leaping out at her again.