Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Regard

Last night I was just getting ready for bed when the coverage of  DC sniper John Allen Muhammad lethal injection came on. Personally I found the questions from the reporters to be for one idiotic and completely pathetic.

I honestly don't give a shit what the man monster had for his last fucking meal, whether he had any last words, how many times the asshole blinked, or how many breaths he took before he died. As far as I am concerned all I care about is that he took his last one. A bit harsh you think? I think not.

This scumbag was a cold hearted calculated KILLER, with no regard to life, and that's exactly how I felt about his life regard. The fact that this asshole even got a minute of airtime regarding his last moments on earth is a slap in the face of his victims and the families they left behind.

But by far the most most disgusting comment that I heard was from one of Muhammad's lawyer who was quoted as saying on his way into to the execution room: "He will die with dignity -- dignity to the point of defiance." The scumbag didn't  deserve to die with dignity, he lost that privilege when he arbitrarily decided to play God and randomly end 10 innocent people's life's, just because he could. I'll sleep easier tonight knowing you've met your maker John, and if I were a betting woman I'd say it's not boding well for you right now.


  1. I could not have said it better...Well done!!
    ...And Another Thing!

  2. I think that when people are convicted of shit like this they should let the victim's families perform the execution. That would be some serious closure!