Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yes this is a first I know !

Got my water bill in the mail a couple of weeks ago, talk about having a stroke! Now I am guilty of watering the lawn during the summer but really I’ve tried cutting that back to the bare minimum. I’ve tried to take shorter showers and cut down my favorite ritual of taking a hot bath nightly to just an occasional soak in an effort to save water.

So needless to say I was a bit shocked when all my efforts to save money and become more ecofriendly haven’t really paid off yet. I’m thinking that a big culprit is my toilet and basically the fact that it seems to be in constant use and therefore using more water than I need to use.

Now I’ve always had issues with my one toilet in the fact that it often needs to be flushed several times in order to finish the job. Of course that just adds to my dilemma of trying to cut back on the water bill. I mean you gotta flush, and there has to  be a better solution than ripping out the whole thing and installing a new one, or flushing money down the can by having to flush multiple times.

So considering those options I do a little research. Seems that you can add a “duel flush toilet” attachment to your low flow toilets that gives you an option in flushing. Yep that’s right you can selectaflush which allows you to save water every time you flush. Just need a light flush or rinse then select that particular flush. Need a little more power to get things moving down then select the fuller flush. I like the fact you don’t have to keep flushing to get the performance you want in a particular situation. I can’t begin to tell how annoying it is to me to multiple flush! Ugh! This solves the problem, and you can get a kit to retro fit your existing toilet which saves you money and also conserves water and your water bill.


  1. I'd have to say it's the bastards at the water company 'estimating' your bill instead of actually reading the meter. They do that shit here, never read the damn meter but always seem to bill me more money. What I did was rig the meter to see if the city really checked it and they didn't. I called, complained and got my bill reduced. The nerve of those assholes!

  2. I totally agree with Doug^, I too found out that my water company is just plain guessing on the water bill. We were out of water for more than 2 weeks bac. of pipe maintenance but when the bill came, it's more than last month.