Sunday, November 15, 2009

I need some bling

Like most people my investment portfolio is looking pretty meager lately, between that and the value of my house dropping nearly 100g’s it’s enough to make me think I’m not gonna retire anytime soon, ugh.
But if you have the money I’d seriously advise you to rethink buying and investments in your portfolios to include gold. Yep that’s what I said Gold! Why? Well let the history teacher give ya a little lesson. Basically gold has been man’s personal and most important store of value for thousands of years and most people trust in gold more than in paper investment or printed official currency.

When times of economic insecurity have come around, gold is one of the only investments that have remained alive. It’s survived the economic crisis’s of the Great Depression and in the time leading up to Black Monday in October 1987, and in the past decade the price of gold has gone up over 200 percent. Basically when the economy tends to start going into the dumper, that’s when gold goes up. Now if I could  just find that pot at the end of the rainbow I’d be all set.

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  1. Gold is a great investment right now! Another tip if you're looking for something long term to invest in is Citi Group, their ticker symbol is C. They are so undervalued right now it's not even funny. Invest now and in a year or so you will double or triple your money.