Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh I can play that game too

I have this kid in my class who’s parents immigrated to the U.S. from Russia, and although the kids have a fairly good grasp on the English language their parents can’t read or write any English at all. Kinda makes corresponding in writing a bit hard when it comes to communicating with the parents.

So after several attempts to send them some progress reports on their kid with no response I did a little investigating. Seems that I was able to get out of Mom in broken English that she did indeed receive my last correspondence that I sent to the house, and that her angelic son so graciously translated it to her.

Here in lies the problem, instead of translating to her that he was miserably failing a majority of his classes he told her that I was pleased with the progress he was making. Humm time to turn the tables on that little wanker.

So what do I do? I decide to translate the letter myself using an online translation service. Oh yeah I busted that little angel using his own game, although he could speak Russian …he couldn’t read it. Yep I just googled name  translation services
and typed up my letter and popped it into the program and presto complete text and brand translations at my my grubby little fingertips.

Needless to say….Mom knows what’s really going on and I have another weapon in my arsenal of teaching tools ….and considering that there are another 5 kids at home that are bound to try the same trick on me in the future I’d say I’m ahead of the game. Point Kat.


  1. I'd give you two points for that one! And I love that you're blogging so much too. It gives me something entertaining to do while I'm slacking off at work.

  2. Hey you gotta get down in the gutter with these kids sometimes and think like them, wait that would make me mentally challenged, ok well you know what I mean