Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Everything.......

An incomplete  list of things to be thankful for

My  family, as dysfunctional as they are they are all I've got.

My high heating bill because it means that I am warm and have a roof over my head.

That I'm fortunate enough to not be like the couple I saw outside walmart yesterday, holding a sign saying "homeless and hungry"

That my daughter just told me that she "is protesting the uneven distribution of chores around the house" because that statement alone shows me she has unlimited potential and well has mastered the skill of sarcasm.

Although I hate my new teaching position, I am grateful to have a job in a state that has double digit unemployment.

The little diagrams that show you which way to put the batteries in things, would be lost with out them!

Good friends, past and present. Even though some have moved on their memory and presence in my life can not be erased.

The enormous meal I am preparing today because it means I won't go hungry, and will be in the presence of family.


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