Sunday, December 27, 2009

If you are going to waste some time anyways, you might as well..............

Ok guys, I know a lot of you surf the web during down time at work so why don't cha check out this website when you are goofing off next time...yes  I am talking about you Doug....anyway go to and earn some grains of rice to feed the hungy world wide.  But I have to warn's addictive! 

  It is a non-profit website that donates grains of rice to the hungry around the world in exchange for your FREE participation in their vocabulary trivia.  This website was started in 2007 by a man named, John Breen.  United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has since taken over the website and it runs completely non-profit.

When you go, there is a vocabulary word and four possible definitions.  Simply click on the definition that you think describes the word and if you are correct, ten grains of rice are donated to the WFP.  If you are wrong, it simply goes to the next question and will go back to the question you answered incorrectly later.  The correct answer is shown after each question, so if you get it wrong, you can pick the correct answer later.  All grains of rice are donated to the WFP on behalf of the sponsors that advertise on the website.
If vocab isn't your thing, go to the "Subjects" tab and choose another category like: math, chemistry, art or geography.  There are also different languages to choose from too, so if you want to sharpen your Spanish, French, German or Italian, you can donate free grains of rice by enhancing your foreign vocabulary at the same time.
Although ten grains of rice per correct answer might not seem like a lot, think about how much rice could be donated if everyone introduced someone to  It's absolutely free to play and the rice is being donated to needy, hungry people around the world.  Everyone can benefit from visiting this non-profit website and feel good that they are going some good too!  So go on , click the link I know ya want to.

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  1. I found another one of these yesterday, You can go there, purchase a LIVE cow, llama, goat, water buffalo etc. and then have them shipped to starving people in other countries. Isn't the internet just blowing the fuck up??!