Monday, December 7, 2009

You want me to do what??

I honestly don't know why some people stay in the education field anymore, especially when they are faced with some of the crap that is floating around this state lately.  So the Detroit Teachers Union was asked to loan the district some moohla. To the tune of $500 per month, per teacher.....yeah ok.

So let me get this straight, the Detroit school district is over 200 million, yeah I said "million" in debt. Now some of this is due to state cut backs, but the MAJORITY of the deficit is due to administration corruption and well complete bad judgment in financial matters.

So how does the district deal with it, at the expense of the teachers. Come on people what are you thinking, even I feel for the Detroit Teachers, they are on the low payscale in the state to begin with, and to then have to give back what could amount to some of the teachers nearly a weeks worth of pay to bail them out is simply outrageous.  But yet they are expected to keep the high standards of learning that the state has required but with less resources than ever and a teacher that can't afford to buy their lunch in the school cafeteria. Maybe they can apply for the free and reduced lunch program....they probably don't make much more than their student's parents who qualify for every assistance programs out there.  Needless to say this pisses me off, I am just wondering when did taking the Teacher's Oath include taking a vow of poverty? It doesn't, and I hope all those Detroit Teachers tell their administration to Kiss Their Ass when it comes to this supposed loan to the district .


  1. whoa! That is pure evil wherte the fuck does the gov get off doing that? Detroit should strike and kick that govs ass. Jump them at midnight! Or lock em in a whorehouse and publish it on a newspaper! wooooo

  2. It's technically illegal for teachers to strike in Detroit, yeah talk about adding insult to injury

  3. Damn that's nuts! Let me know if you need any help telling someone to kiss your ass cause I'm pretty good at it!