Sunday, December 13, 2009

The things we do for love.....or not

I am a huge House fan, and Sunday nights I tend to watch a few episodes I've DVR'd and get my fix of Greg House. So I can't remember the name of this particular episode but it involved a guy who begins to have these mysterious heart arithmia and subsequent heart attacks.

Well if you've ever seen the show, there are a number of guessing games that go on with the diagnosis till it's finally concluded that the cause of his heart problems is associated with his memories of a co-worker, who he is secretly in love with and engaged to another man. The only way to fix the heart problems is to use electric shock therapy to erase his memories of her, only problem is that it also erases all experiential memories....essentially he'd forget her but he'd also forget all his memories of his life before that.

Huge price to pay for a broken heart in more ways than one. But it got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice if you could just hook up a few electrodes up to your head and erase just those memories that haunt us? The demons that consume our thoughts, those boogey men that terrorized us as children, and continue to rear their ugly heads in our dreams? Yeah that'd be nice.....but then I wouldn't be able to personally finace that addition my therapist is adding to her house.

Oh and by the way, the guy in the House episode.....the girl wasn't really engaged to another man, she didn't even know he loved her.......You know they say it's better to have loved than to not loved at all......well guess he didn't want to take that chance...seems a bit drastic don't you think.


  1. I freakin love House! That and Californication are my two favs.

  2. I don't watch it as much I used to and feel that I need to. Soon... But yeah, That's be GREAT.Hopefully it is made available in the near future =]