Saturday, December 12, 2009

It boggles My Mind...

Yeah I know it doesn't take much to do that but this is just one thing that totally dumbfounds me. How the heck can my ceiling fan that is nearly constantly on all year round collect so much dust on it. I mean logically you'd think that the dust would just you know well never stick because the ceiling fans in constant motion right?

Yeah well that's what I think everytime I turn it off and notice how dirty the blades are on that thing. I guess it doesn't help that the fan is white, kinda shows all the dust bunnies that seem to cling with dear life to the blades as the blades whirl constantly.

I guess it's time to upgrade and check out some other options and choose something that doesn't collect so much noticeable dust. But as you all know I am as tight as my bro Jesus when it comes to spending the greenbacks so of course I check out the best deals at Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. 

Check out this sweet fan! Oh yeah I am thinking this will look awesome in my living room, what do you think? I love the baseball bats for blades, sweeeet! 


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