Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep Waters

We all have it in us. The deep waters of pure darkness, some of us not even dare to venture, deny its existence and some of us are so painfully aware of it. There is something dark, scary, profoundly undefinable that lurks deep within us all. Could it be residual damage, energy and buried feelings from life? From simply living? To live, experience, feel, it all has to leave a mark somewhere. Tremendous events that shake us to the core--the core. Maybe that's where the mystery lies. If the universe is so vast that it could never be fully explored, if we are so feeble that we only use a small portion of our brains.... that unknown.... It will always be there. It exists so that the known can exist. It exists not to be discovered, but to remind us of how much we will never fully comprehend, even within ourselves.


  1. It's a great statement Kat. I can't really add anything more to this..

  2. God shaped void - that can only be filled by a relationship with Jesus !

  3. so where did you get that from, can't creative writing be just that, creative