Friday, February 19, 2010

Say What

Ever hear a song in another language and wonder what the English translation was? I do every time I hear Ava Maria, well you can easily translate song lyrics, articles and new reports easily with one click using Translia. is the perfect place to go to get great translation tools and help with translation issues. I’ve told you before how I’ve used the service to nab a student who was creatively translating his progress reports to his parents. Needless to say he was “busted” lol. Translia gives native, fluent and accurate translation and provides 24/7customer services and quick turnaround.

Those of you that are bi-lingual might want to check the site out also since they are hiring translators. You can earn money while enjoying teamwork and  make your own work hours. Work from home or anywhere, so put those bilingual skills to work for yourself.


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