Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pure Evil I say

That’s right those girl scouts are pure evil, I’d call them the anti Christ, but lets face it they’re not interested in taking over the world, no they are  just interested in unloading their quota of those delicious addicting cookies.

It’s bad enough that you are sucked into buying the things from the neighbor kid, and just when you’ve forgotten about the 20 bucks you shelled out 6 weeks ago they arrive. Yes that is when the curse of the girl scout cookies begin. Oh sure you say, I’ll open one box and put the rest in the freezer for the next time I have company over. Sure, keep kidding yourself, cuz you know that it’s gonna end up being a party of one on your couch devouring those sweet little morsels of goodness.  But the good thing is that once they are gone, they’re gone, and you don’t have worry about an assault from the patriotic salesmen for another year.

Wrong! You see those little girl scouts as sweet and innocent as they look, they are driven little economic opportunists. You see they figure your stash will last ohhhh with a little self control on your part, a week tops. That’s when they go in for the kill, yeah that’s when they camp outside every Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, grocery store, hardware store,  pool house, outhouse, chicken house….sorry turned into Tommy Lee  Jones for a second there…

See their like a drug dealer, getcha a little taste and they know you’ll be coming back for some more of those peanut butter patties, and thin mints. That’s right they can tell whose been using….and if they can’t hook ya on the way into the store that’s fine, cuz they know you are going to be thinking of their chocolately goodness the whole time you are shopping and your will power on the way out is going to be too weak to resist.  See I told you those little girl scouts were evil, you just didn’t realize it. Consider yourself warned, and don’t give into the mind control of the cookie!  


  1. I know they get me every freakin time. Then the same thing happens, I eat them all and head out looking for more. Those bitches!!

  2. Those bitches got you diving up and down the streets looking for a fix huh? Glad I am not the only girl scout cookie junkie!!!!

  3. I'm a girl scout cookie fiend myself haha. Evil never tasted so delicious!