Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Ghosts of Posts Past

ALthough, I am not posting to my old blog, every once in a while I get some comments on it. Now the weird thing is that I've gotten two different comments on my Teach Your Children Well Post. Those of you who came over from the old site might remember this post as it well brought out the it makes me think someone one has linked once again to that infamous post somewhere. Anyway the first comment is as follows

Some...many of us that have been directed here believe that the remedy for the home...the school...the workplace...the culture individually is found paramountly when each "taste and see that the Lord is good". We'd be glad to minister God's grace to you and thus ask, "What are your prayer requests concerning the circumstances you have shared?".

Ok, well I think this is a first, I've never been proselytized on my blog before, not that it bothers me but well I guess its just a little odd.....anyway there was another comment a few days later...............

rosemarie has left a new comment on your post "Teach Your Children Well":

I got here via one of the links, haven't read the comments and don't intend to- only because I don't have the time. Just wanted to say that most of those 13 year old whores will make it to adulthood. Sadly some will not. A few of them will have teachers along the way that gave a rip and put them up against a wall and said, "What are you, stupid?? What the hell are you thinking??" And that will be a watershed moment, 'oh face' moment. Lights will turn on for her and she'll realize she isn't invisible or a throw away. Perhaps before actually becoming a whore she'll aim for something better.

Yeah, I speak from experience. And yes, I agree 100% that the real modeling of love, care and how to act belongs at home. But maybe one of those girls you see is salvageable and doesn't have anybody else to tell her how to act. For me it was an English teacher and you know what? She taught my 13 year old 30 years later. Man was she shocked to learn I had a degree in psychology, a career in law enforcement and was a conservative Christian. She really lost it when I told her I was overjoyed to have her teaching my kid. Guess in 35 years of teaching nobody had thanked her for changing their life.

Anyway, I have a fondness for teachers and wanted to encourage you. Some of it is worse than you know (all those years in law enforcement have taught me that) and some of it gets better. (I also got to work in student development at a university.) Hope you get to have a moment like my teacher and don't have to wait 35 years.

I don't know it kinda feels weird getting comments on such an old post, but the last comment kinda gives me a little bit of motivation that maybe I am making a difference in some of these kids lives, not just academically.


  1. I remember that one! Hey that was a really nice comment though. Doesnt get any more genuine than that.

  2. I agree Doug, it still amazes me that people link to that post