Thursday, February 4, 2010

No matter how much you wish it's never going away.....Math that is

Once again I am having to call a parent meeting to discuss issues my students are having with math. It’s a simple situation that these kids need math help and because of class loads there simply isn’t enough one on one time.

Unfortunately because of the raised expectations of the state standards many of the parents can’t help their kids because they don’t have the skills to do so. When this is the situation a online math tutor  can be helpful. You can find some free online  tutoring and math help out there which are fine if you just need occasional help here and there.

But if you need more substantial help you can use a   online math tutor. In these scenarios the student works one on one with a tutor in a web environment on their home computer. Using a virtual setting both the tutor and the students  converse and work out problems together.This is a good site for math problem solver resources A nice way to find some  math help for yourself or you child without the hassle of searching all over the place for it.


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