Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Try Me....................

Ok so I was told my last post deep waters was a drag, so here's something straight from the classroom that should give you a giggle.
So today I am in my class trying to get through the day's lesson without having to write a single disciple, having to kick anyone out, or listen to any whining about how much work I assign.

Well we can't always get what we want and immediately I start hearing this total line of crap from Tommy about how he doesn't have to do any work because he's moving to Florida the next day. Now I know the kid's lying through his teeth, and I'm ignoring him. But after he insisted that I could call his "MOM" if I didn't believe him...well that's when I called his bluff.

I didn't have my cell phone in the classroom at the time, but another student offered hers up for me to use. Time to bust this kid and for him to get some work done. So he rattles off her number and I dial, and put it on SPEAKER....the following conversation ensues..........

Hello Mrs. Smith, Hi I am Tommy's teacher....he says he doesn't have to do any work in my class because he's moving out of state tomorrow, I wasn't aware of the move.

Insert hysterical laughing coming from the phone.........Ummm yeah my son is full of shit, I wish we were moving but we are you have me on speaker phone right now...........

Ummm yes I do actually.....

Well then Tommy can hear me as I tell him to get his lazy ass in gear and get his work done.

Yes I can assure you that he can hear you as well as the rest of my students...

Well Pardon my french but tell him to quit being a db and get to work, or he's gonna get his ass kicked when he get's home, and he'll have his phone, Ipod, television, internet, ps3 and his bed taken away from him till he gets his grades up.

UMMM ok,Thank you so much for clearing up that little misunderstanding I am sure he will get right to work...and have a nice afternoon Mrs. Smith

Click...................well I can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Tommy, your Mom likes to use Weekend words as much as you like to avoid work...Busted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I would have liked to see Tommy's expression on that one!