Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things I am sick of hearing about this week

I am sick of hearing about that douche bag John Mayer, he's such an attention whore, just go away dick head,  you are not all that!

The whole Michael Jackson thing, good god people yes he was talented, but let's face it the man was a complete social misfit and freak of a human being.

Tiger Woods, what can I say, it comes down to the fact the guy can't keep it in his pants, it's not our business what he does to fuck up his marriage, or how he's going about handling it. Let it go, and move on people nothing to see here, and I 'm just a little bitter he stole db Jon Gosselin's paparazzi spotlite lol.

Taylor Swift, I am just tired of hearing her music and about her, no offense Taylor but it's just the truth.

I am sick of hearing or rather seeing that damn trailer for that freaky Johnny Depp movie Alice in Wonderland, the more I see it the stronger my desire is to never want to see it.

Oh and lastly, I am sick and tired of hearing O'Bama blame everyone else for the economic problems in this country and his lame ass lines about how the economy is improving, basically it's like rubbing salt in our wounds here in the ghetto, the state with the highest unemployment rates in the country....yeah we're surviving really great here in the ghetto while you are dining on your private cheifs menu daily....I hope you choke on your steak............wait I take that back, then that Idiot Biden would be in charge. Never mind I'm hungry and I'm gonna make some ramen's become a staple here in the ghetto.


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